NYHC 1980-1990 book launch

Next Thursday our buddy Tony Rettman will be holding a book launch for his new NYHC book in Brooklyn, so if you're in the area stop by and say hello. We'll be there selling records and maybe some new shirts and other assorted jetsam.

Posted on November 30th, 2014
New releases out today!

We have three new releases available today!

CHARRED REMAINS - Compilation 2xLP

Version Sound's legendary cassette-only compilation gets the RRR vinyl treatment! Features exclusive tracks by Void, Die Kreuzen, Husker Du, Articles Of Faith, Sin 34, Double O, Personality Crisis and many others. Newly mastered from the original 1/4" reels for superior sound quality. Includes a full 24-page repro of the original fanzine insert

PORNO CASSETTES - Your Face, A Fucking Disgrace b/w Dead End Yobs 7"

One of the UK's most mysterious 7" releases finally sees the full light of day in this fully authorized reissue. Originally released in 1983 in a scant pressing of just 100 copies (many of which were discarded), this is classic sing-along UK punk/oi at its finest. Limited edition of 500 in a Delga Press-style picture sleeve.

THE ANDROIDS - Lipstick Hereos '78 7"

Four tracks of killer Belfast, Norther Ireland punk that remained shelved on a tape for 35+ years, finally being rescued by Spit Records for their recent Shellshock Rockers CD compilation. RRR gives these tracks the vinyl treatment in a limited edition of 500.


Agnostic Front, Venom (Wales) and No Tag LPs are at the plant now. Expect AF by the end of the year and the others to follow (and more after that!)

Posted on November 18th, 2014
NYC MAYHEM "For Real!" LP available now!

Available now: The first ever legitimate vinyl release containing all of NYC Mayhem's studio recordings, 26 tracks total. Includes a 12-page, full color booklet with extensive liner notes by Laurent Ramadier of Snakepit Magazine as well as many rare and previously unseen photos. First press limited to 500 copies.

A quick update on upcoming titles...

The Charred Remains compilation is at the plant now and is slated for late October/early November release. Androids and Porno Cassettes 7"s are also nearing completion and also should be ready around the same time. Agnostic Front masters are ready to roll, expect the LP by the end of the year. Look for more after that, we have a lot planned!

Posted on September 23rd, 2014
New Releases - Fall 2014

We have been hard at work here at the Triple 'R HQ tracking down and assembling some super long overdue reissues. Slated for release this Fall we have some real rippers. Let's start it off with:

NYC MAYHEM - "For Real" LP - Finally all the demos of this seminal NYC band on vinyl, including their unreleased "For Real!" 7". Featuring future members of Straight Ahead.

PORNO CASSETTES - "Your Face... b/w Dead End Yobs" 7" - The first (and only?) official reissue of the UK's PORNO CASSETTES 7", first released in a micro pressing of less than 100 copies in 1982. This band is so clouded in mystery we don't even know the real story behind it. Were they real? Were they a fake studio band? Who knows. Who cares. These two songs rip hard. Bridges the gap between the Cockney Rejects and the more polished sound of Cock Sparrer.

AGNOSTIC FRONT -"No One Rules" LP - This might be the release we are most siked for. The early days of Agnostic Front's pre-vinyl recorded output gets the Radio Raheem white glove treatment. Expect an epic amount of early nostalgia to be packed out into this layout, taken for the the RRR vault. Big thanks to Roger for helping to make this happen.

v/a CHARRED REMAINS - 2XLP - They said it couldn't be done, but we wouldn't take no for an answer (unless the question is "will you reissue any No For An Answer tunes" in which case HELL NO would be the responding reply). We put our collective IQ together (which equals that of a small child) and managed to track down EVERY band that appeared on this comp. We couldn't believe it and we are extremely thankful to all the bands for being so cool about this. Originally a cassette only release, CHARRED REMAINS was is one of the most all encompassing comps featuring a wide berth of what was happening in North America in early 1982, and is considered by some to be the first ever national hardcore compilation.

Not enough? Well we have others slated but not in full swing... Expect releases by THE ANDROIDS (the best Irish punk band to never release a record), SARCASM (sweet mid 80's NYHC with a metal tinge), VILE (dicks from Down East) and a whole lot more.

PS - help us find our missing compadre, tell us have you seen HIM?!!??

Posted on July 14th, 2014

Our next three releases are at the pressing plant and should be available in early Spring.

RADIO-005: NYC MAYHEM "For Real" LP - Contains both of NYCM's studio demos as well as their unreleased 14-song 7", 26 tracks total. Legendary NYC thrash/hardcore, pre-Straight Ahead!

RADIO-006: VILE "Vile Says Fuck Off!" 7" - Three song ep by this infamous Boston band, featuring one completely unreleased song "Overload" backed with long lost demo versions of "Definitions" and "5 To 10". Limited edition of 500.

RADIO-007: PORNO CASSETTES "Your Face, A Fucking Disgrace b/w Dead End Yobs" 7" - Fully authorized reissue of this mythical UK want list topper. Limited edition of 500.

Posted on March 11th, 2014